Pornhub Toy Collection



  • Long Battery Life

  • Vast Amount of Settings

  • Easily Stored

  • Multi-Purpose Usage

  • Easy to Clean


  • Vibrations can be a bit to hard sometimes

  • Gets Visually Stained Easily

The Bullet  9/10

I Don't Really know where to start with the review of this product except that i freaking LOVE IT! It's very portable easy to keep around and it gives you so many options of vibrations. From patterns of vibrations to just a streamline classic vibration. You can walk around with this in your underwear on a city walk or anywhere due to its size and portability.
It comes with a magnetized battery charger and it does charge up quite quickly and lasts for ages before you'll need to refuel this bad boy.


  • Perfect Size Difference for Beginners

  • Amazing Material

  • Easy to Clean

  • The T-Shaped Bottom

  • Slot For additional Vibrator


  • Tricky To Get Vibrator Out Of the Slot

The Trilogy 8/10

The Trilogy is a very neat trio of Anal/Butt plugs that goes great with The Bullet to compliment it!, It Comes in 3 Different sizes meant for stretching and training your anal capabilities. The Size different is well balanced with the smallest one perfect for beginners or people just starting out with anal play. The Medium Size is more on the intermediate side of training and is perfect as a next step.
The large Plug is the ultimate climax for your training both in length and thickness. The T shaped bottom of the plugs is an excellent feature to keep the plug for getting stuck and easy to pull out.
But the icing on the cake is that the bottom T also forms cylinder shaped pockets going from left to right which can house The Bullet to take your anal play to a new vibration height. i love these 3 myself as i started out as a beginner.


  • Lots of different Vibration Options

  • Great Skin Friendly Fabric

  • Good Battery Life

  • Easy to Clean

  • Easy to use


  • Can be a bit loud for a day out

  • Button can sometimes get stuck

The Tempest 8/10

The Tempest is a Curved Clit vibrator that is a great tool to have in your sex toy arsenal. It's made out of a slick rubber style fabric that is very gentle on your skin. The Vibrator itself comes with different Vibration patters similair to the Bullet and also serves as a very good portable device. This Also comes with a magnet charger and its battery life is impressive when looking at the strong vibrations it pumps out. Its curved shape is great for covering your entire clitoris to give you a shaking orgasm at the press of 1 button that you won't forget, i personally recommend this one strongly!


  • Extremly Gentle For your Skin

  • Great at keeping its tightness

  • Has a natural Glide when paired with Lube

  • Works with all sizes


  • Requires Alot of Lube

  • Can Be slightly Tricky to Clean Inside

The Stealth Stroker 7/10

My Fiancé and I had the pleasure to get this one tried out and this review is based on both of our experiences with the product!
First and foremost the fabric is super skin friendly and is perfect for this type of product. The stroker is great for all different sizes and does a great job enclosing the penis and keeping its inside as close to the natural experience as possible. The downside of the product is that it can very easily get a little dried up and start a scraping effect. So make sure to go heavy on the lubrication. But all in all this product did give my Fiancé multiple fun sessions both by himself and with me as a helping hand. The ending result will not disappoint you or the UV lights afterwards.