Sexual Awareness

Part 1

What is Sexual-Awareness? You have probably heard the term "Being Sexually Aware" at some point in your life. But what does that actually mean? You may have noticed that when you have been exposed social media, pornographic content or advertisements with different strategies or tips on how to perform sexually and what the do's and don'ts or the should and shouldn'ts. You have been building up an unrealistic view on sex, expectations are through the roof, performance anxiety is sky rocketing and everything starts feeling more like a test rather than intimate fun and pleasure. All of this is a sign that you are NOT sexually aware. Sexual awareness is the capabillity to turn from outside looking in to inside looking out. To reflect your sexual energy outwards rather than absorbing the information and energy from things that you may come across. It is very easy to have your inner thoughts of what you truly enjoy sexually or fantasize about be drowned out by the outside, this can usually cause an unhealthy path mentally and sexually in said persons life, or create unrealistic barriers hindering mental growth on a deeper intimate level or make life in the bedroom not feel as enjoyable as intended. Sexual awareness can usually be partnered up with Self acceptance as it does go hand in hand to accept your inner voices and be honest to yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a strange kink or fetish, everyone does, more or less. If you feel like you are having struggles as described above about having a hard time accepting yourself sexually, Make sure to talk to someone about it. It may seem like a trivial step, but if you are in a relationship don't be afraid to tell your partner how you feel. Initimacy will only ever be at its full potential when 2 fully sexually aware people co exists in the bed room.

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