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- Name: Sophie Franchesca Fletcher - Age: 20 - Location: London

My hobbies include; - Watching Anime and TV/Movies - Gaming (CS:GO, COD and also Battlefield) - Taking long walks around huuge parks and fields to destress - Doing some singing in my downtime. (sorry that is about it xD)

  • How Did You Get Into Porn?

I started doing porn when I was recording myself for some extra cash on craigslist,. I was struggling so I needed to get myself some form of cash to pay for a roof over my head, but, it became more of a hobby and I began to not only start recording myself for individual people. I did a bit of camming on a website called chat roulette, where people would paypal me money to do whatever they wanted.

I found it a rush and then began to find new ventures. This is when I found a discord channel and realised there was many people who were more professional and had a whoole load of followers. Inspiring me too make an Onlyfans and then sooner after a modlehub.

I am still new to it when it comes to online presence; but soo that I really enjoy not only creating the content (of course). But, the fact that people appreciate me a lot more when it comes to my choices and never judged me for my actions. All be it. I don't do it for the confidence or ego boost though. I do it to become more open with my body and not only that. Become a better person when it comes to self confidence, which is what I have always lacked. I know it seems like a toxic thing. But, it really works at making me accept that this is my body and I am perfect just the way I am.

  • Future Plans?

My future plans with all of this is to either, get to a high end amateur or have someone or a company to help me unlock my inner potential. I have been dieting and working out to aspire for that. But, even if I don't get that. I am happy with a couple hundred of views and that people enjoy my material if I am their type.

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