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  • General Information Hi! I'm Queen. I'm just an 18 year old who has hopes of helping you with getting off! I currently am in college double-majoring in art and education. So yeah, I wanna do that whole sexy teacher thing eventually! I love drawing, music, and playing simulation games and i love baking! If you want to get off to me, please subscribe to me on pornhub!

  • How Did You Get Into Porn? I got into porn because I'm really open about my sexuality and always was revealing my body. I don't mind people staring, so I honestly just decided to make money off of it I got laid off during the virus So I had to find a new way to make money Honestly I really enjoy doing porn It's fun and a way for me to get the compliments I hide from in person I'm quite shy in real life and don't talk a lot, so the 'pornstar' persona allows me to be myself Ideally I'd become a comic artist in the future, that way I can be a stay at home mom. But I am going to college double majoring in teaching and art

  • Future Plans?

So I can be an art teacher in the future Teaching works well with my whole housewife ideal And it also works with the sexy teacher or sexy student angle I can pull My future is uncertain but I do have someone who I want to be the father of my babies And he wants me to be the mother of his children so...

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