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Life Behind The Scenes

The Misconceptions

I get alot of people acting like they know how i feel, they think this life is a choice from not having a choice. There was always a choice and i chose this path myself.

People always look upon sex work as a negative, the guys get high fives meanwhile the women gets called sluts and whores.
The fact that these comments usually comes from the same people consuming the content makes me sick

This is my life, my choices, i'm happy, i live a normal life, i eat food, i take shits, i like horses, i like simple things, i binge youtube, So why treat me like an outsider and different based on what content i create. Harassment is not okay. Treat us like humans too, i have feelings and i have a heart.

I'm not different from you.


The Strive For Change

What Does This Brand Stand For?

KinkyWebShop, or KWS For short is a contribution site for Sex workers all over the world to make a vocal point for everyones better to be treated equally.
So this Brand will feature both Models and Pornstars alike to share their story and life behind the scenes, To paint a new view on the industry

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